FotoGraft provides a online marketplace for sports event & photo sharing for sports enthusiasts, event organisers, & photographers!

Designed and developed for sports events such as marathon, kayaking, orientating, snorkeling and many more. At FotoGraft, we aims to improve ticketing, registration, race results and photographs taken for the sports events that you organized or participated in.

For Organisers, you can set up your activity page and be ready to sell tickets in a couple of minutes. You can manage all of your attendees details, give discounts, upload photos and results, discover insights and page views of your events.

For those who are looking to participate in sports events, you can browse the upcoming activities in the various categories. You will be able to register and complete payments for the interested events within minutes.

For marathon participants, you will be able to view your race results and photos at our website.

We are designed and developed for sports activities such as sports events, courses, adventures and leisures that requires ticketing and registration and/or photos and race results managements.

Yes, of course! Simply create your free FotoGraft account here. From there, you can create your very own event and add all of the information about it and start selling your tickets! We're as excited as you are to see what you have create.

FotoGraft is free and comes with all of our awesome features, even when you're just testing.

Yes! If your event have photos or race results that you do not know where to host, you can host it here at FotoGraft!

Yes! You can create multiple ticket categories and set different price, quantity available, etc.

Yes! We have listen to your feedback and have started to implement this unique feature! You can now allow users to purchase say "Double race", where they can help their friend(s) to buy.

They only need to enter their email address and make payment. We will email their friends to complete the registration details (if any).

Yes, you can create as many discount code as you want. The discount code can by created by:

1. Discount by amount or percentage
2. Group Discounts
3. Limit number of discount code to be used
4. Limit min. amount of tickets to activate discount code
5. Set expiry date for discount code

Yes, you can create a early bird ticket by:

1. Naming the ticket (e.g. "10km fun run (early bird)")
2. Setting the start date and end date
3. Limit max. number of ticket
5. Create your ticket and you are done!

Yes! Our registration form is user friendly and dynamic, which means you can easily drag and drop options to add or remove form field to your own unique needs.

You can use our online payment gateway - Paypal and Credit Card Payment (Smoovpay)

Alternative, we also allow you to collect money offline such as cheque or cash

Yes. Absolutely. You can upload all your photos and race results and our dashboard and announce it to your audience so that they could come to the site and check their photos and results!

You can email us at [email protected] if you are interested to use these 2 features.

FotoGraft is based on a freemium model, which means that it is free to signup, create an account and publish your events. There are no monthly charges, or setup fees - and FotoGraft gives you access to powerful tools to help manage your sports events and attendees. If you are publish a paid-for ticketed sports events on FotoGraft, we charge a 10% to as low as 5% including the payment processing fee . All of these fees can either be absorbed by you, or passed on to the ticket price so that you do not have to bear these costs. If you are planning a big event or a regular ones or just anything, you can email at [email protected] and we could negotiate a better pricing to cater for your needs.

You can sell your tickets using FotoGraft anywhere in the world, seriously.

You can use either (USD or SGD) for the currency now. We are expanding to other currency too! Stay tuned!

However, attendees can pay using any credit card.

Earnings are transferred back to you in less than 14 days after which you confirm with us the total amount. Example: After your event end, you confirm the total number of attendees (inlcuding refunds - if you were to allow that) and email us the details. We will send out the payment immediately to you. You will be able to recieved your payment less than 14 days.

So you big day have arrived or the day of fun pack collection have arrived. How do you check-in your attendees to make sure they are here (to make cash payments, or to just check in)

You can login to your organiser's dashboard and go to the attendees tab.
At the attendees page, you can search for their name, email etc.
Afterwhich, you can update any information on the result that you found.